After my sudden hearing loss in 2017, I was in extreme pain and isolation. In the beginning, I couldn’t paint because I would get dizzy with every movement. I had to rest most of the time and I was not able to continue creating. It was difficult to move freely or be in an optimal "state-of-mind", and this was devastating.

    An Artist’s Journey Through Hearing Loss - Story by University of Miami Health System

      The Eighth Month , was the first painting created for this collection. 

    The Eighth Month, was the first painting created for this collection. 

    During this time, I never felt angry, but instead, I felt confused, suffering when not even the medicines helped ease the pain or the symptoms. 

    One day, something happened; I ironically turned to sound to lift my creative spirit. I started analyzing sound frequencies and the patterns they create, and it was at this moment when The Colors of Sound was born.

    With each piece I replicate sound energy and movement using high-pigmented acrylic ink and water on canvas and paper, mimicking how sound travels.



      The Eighth Month , Mixed-media. Acrylic paint and ink on canvas. 

    The Eighth Month, Mixed-media.
    Acrylic paint and ink on canvas. 

    I use vibrant colors to create a positive message. Through this collection, I explore the relationship between sound and life, encouraging the reflection on how we listen to our surroundings.

    To learn more about my hearing loss journey and how this collection came about, please read my Artist Statement

      Rush . 2017.

    Rush. 2017.

      Tourmaline.  2017.

    Tourmaline. 2017.

      After Malachiate.  2017.

    After Malachiate. 2017.

      The Dreamer.  2018.

    The Dreamer. 2018.

      The Lover.  2018.

    The Lover. 2018.

      Iris.  2017.

    Iris. 2017.

      Azurite.  2017.

    Azurite. 2017.

      The Encounter.  2017.

    The Encounter. 2017.

      Sparks. 2017

    Sparks. 2017

      Collide.  2017.

    Collide. 2017.

      Idyll.  2017.

    Idyll. 2017.

      Onyx.  2017.

    Onyx. 2017.

     Disquiet. (Hyperacusis) 

    Disquiet. (Hyperacusis) 

     From 0 to 100. (Hyperacusis) 

    From 0 to 100. (Hyperacusis) 

     Disrupt.  (Hyperacusis) 

    Disrupt.  (Hyperacusis) 

      Gravity.  2017.

    Gravity. 2017.

      Sway.  2017.

    Sway. 2017.

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