Photo by Lia Selfridge.  

Photo by Lia Selfridge.  


My name is Nicolle Cure. I am a Colombian-American artist based in Miami. My art is the fuel that ignites my passion for helping others. I use my art as a tool to create so that I can support the causes I believe in.

Throughout my life, I have created several collections, for the most part biographical. Each particular series consists of pieces depicting a wide-range of emotions and events; from life to death, from sorrow and solace to extreme joy, and new beginnings.


When I am in my studio, I play with a wide range of mediums but for the most part, my work is primarily based on the use of acrylic ink and paint. I also create my work with spray paint, pastels, and charcoals. My art is a contrast of light and shadows, a combination of the abstract and the surreal.

To date, I've been blessed to have the opportunity to collaborate with animal welfare campaigns as well as education and health research initiatives among other causes. Nevertheless, I am now proudly raising awareness about a particular cause that is dearest to my heart: Hearing loss and vestibular (balance-related) disorders after experiencing this unfortunate conditions myself.


In 2017, I suffered from a sudden single-sided, profound hearing loss, an unexpected experience that led to other debilitating health conditions.

Nevertheless, this situation was precisely the driving force for the creation of my latest collection titled The Colors of Sound. Through this collection, I explore the relationship between sound and life, encouraging the reflection on how we listen to our surroundings.

Today, I continue battling vestibular conditions as a consequence of my ear damage.  I have been diagnosed with Hyperacusis, Chronic Vestibular Migraines, Vertigo, BPPV, and Ménière's Disease. These disorders are what we call "invisible disabilities" because we may look healthy on the outside, but in reality, we are dealing with horrible symptoms that are invisible to others and are extremely debilitating, physically and emotionally. Through The Colors of Sound series, I want to be able to continue giving hope to other people who, like me, are living with chronic health conditions. 



Needless to say, this experience has given me a bigger purpose in life and a stronger voice.

This life-changing experience has given me the great responsibility of telling the stories that others are not telling because they are too afraid of not being clearly understood or just too tired.

There are many misconceptions sorrounding hearing loss and vestibular disorders. The "BUT-YOU-DON'T-LOOK-SICK" stigma behind chronic health conditions and mental illnesses is the assumption that someone is healthy just because they look "OK" on the outside can be truly frustrating, painful, and isolating. 

Fortunately, art has kept me sane and hopeful during this time. I invite you to join me in my journey of spreading hope through art during my recovery process.

Thank you.