Photo by Lia Selfridge.

Photo by Lia Selfridge.



Nicolle Cure is a Colombian-American artist living and working in Miami, FL. She was born and raised in the seaside of Barranquilla, Colombia and moved to the U.S. when she was 17 years old.  Always inspired by art and design, she studied Computer Arts Animation at the Miami Dade College and then obtained a Bachelor of Advertising from the University of Florida. She also holds academic certificates from the Sotheby's Institute of Art.  Her background has allowed her to interact with many aspects of juxtaposed cultures which in turn, encouraged her to create works based on these experiences, world travels, and her own personal emotions. 

Nicolle was selected as the sole recipient of the 'Leaders with Disabilities' Scholarship Award* to attend the Americans for the Arts' 2018 National Arts Marketing Project Conference in Seattle, WA.  Read My Hearing Loss Journal for additional info.

Nicolle’s latest series, The Colors of Sound, has been selected by West Elm / Williams Sonoma to be part of their LOCAL collection sold at their stores. You may purchase prints of this collection online too. Click here to view prints.


Though she has experimented with a wide range of mediums, her work is primarily based on the use of acrylic ink and paint as well as oil pastels, charcoals and occasionally spray paint for certain projects. Nicolle’s artworks are an unusual fusion of the abstract and the surreal, a contrast of light and shadows. 

Over the course of her artistic career, Nicolle has created several art collections, for the most part, drawn from life experiences. Each particular series consists of works depicting a wide range of emotions and incidents; from life to death, from sorrow and solace to extreme joy, and new beginnings.

For more information, read her Artist Statement.



In 2017, Nicolle suffered from sudden unilateral deafness, an unexpected incident that led to other related chronic health conditions such as Ménière’s Disease. Nevertheless, this unfortunate situation was the driving force for the creation of her latest collection titled The Colors of Sound.

Nicolle's hearing loss experience and the development of her new art collection has allowed her to spark a conversation about changing the views and attitudes towards invisible disabilities. 

I explore the relationship between sound and life,
to consider how we make sense of our surroundings through what we can hear.

The power of sound is more than a medium for communication. This proposition has yielded the creation of other collections like The Speed of Sound and the Rock and Roll and Other Drugs for the Soul series.

My goal is to continue to raise awareness about hearing loss, vestibular disorders, and invisible illnesses and create artwork that communicates and engages the viewer.


Another important part of Nicolle’s work is the driving principle of giving back to the community which is why she has donated her art to worthy initiatives, such as animal welfare campaigns and programs promoting education and health research. 

She is now proudly raising awareness about a cause that is dearest to her heart: bringing attention to the “invisible disabilities” of hearing and balance disorders. This comes as a result of experiencing—and learning to live with—these conditions herself. 

In addition, as an animal lover, she is a proud supporter of various philanthropic organizations including ASPCA, PETA, and the U.S. Humane Society, where she has donated both her time and art for auction.



Nicolle art has been widely displayed in Florida including Miami Art Week, Art Basel Miami, and West Elm stores, as well as in China, South Korea, and Colombia. For additional exhibit information, click here

As vestibular patient and a supporter of other vestibular patients, I see the profound impacts these disorders have on people. As a VeDA ambassador, I play a vital role in supporting vestibular patients on their journey back to balance; from helping them find resources and to encouraging their efforts. To learn more and support VeDA, click here.


  • West Elm

  • Macy's

  • NBC 6

  • St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

  • Hearing Health Foundation

  • University of Miami

  • The U.S. Humane Society

  • Jackson Memorial Foundation

  • Vestibular Disorders Association

  • Diabetes Juvenile Foundation

  • Florida International University

  • Miami-Dade Public Schools

  • La Salle College

  • British International School

  • Rally for Kids for Cancer Gala

  • Labs 4 Rescue

  • BarranquillARTE

  • Cielito Artisan Pops

  • Fashion in the Gardens

  • Siman Orchestra

  • Cortiglia Bags

  • Pinecrest Gardens

  • The Archive Studio

  • What’s On Your Mind

  • Serendipity Labs Aventura

  • La Voz Media Group

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Instagram: @NicolleCure_Art

Facebook: Nicolle.Cure.Artist