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MIAMI, FL  - JUL 2018

“Nicolle is such an amazing and engaging artist, her workshops are a MUST! She has the ability to connect with individuals of all ages. While being in her workshop, I witnessed how her students had an emotional, almost therapeutic experience and they were deeply inspired and LOVED every second of it!” Danielle D., Educator & Community Outreach Specialist

New Jersey based Project DALE invited Nicolle to share her story as an artist and an immigrant with a group of 10 students who visited Miami.  Project DALE's mission is to create and nurture a space and community where our youth can grow, discover, and learn through the power of the Arts. 

Nicolle held an art workshop where different art activities and techniques were explained. She discussed the creative process of The Colors of Sound, her latest art collection inspired by her recent hearing loss. She also talked about how she has used art as part of her own recovery process. Learn more



”The Organic Journey Workshop was an immersive creative experience for my students at La Salle International College. Their emotions and personal stories were perfectly captured on each canvas. Nicolle did an extraordinary job demonstrating a variety of art techniques and materials which allowed students to learn more about themselves while enjoying this art experiment. It was truly wonderful!”
Melissa C., Fashion Designer & Educator

The International School of Fashion, Arts and Design from La Salle College  (LCI) hosted Nicolle's workshop titled Organic Journey Art.  

LaSalle College is a Canadian college based in Montreal, Quebec. The institution offers both vocational and pre-university programs. LaSalle College offers over 60 programs worldwide. LCI Barranquilla is part of the LCI Education Network, allowing students and staff to connect to a 12,000 strong creative network around the globe.

"Estoy orgullosa de mis alumnas de LCI Barranquilla. El taller 'Organic Journey' busca la exploracion creativa personal en la que se intervienen materiales reciclados con el fin de crear algo bello y nuevo.  Este taller tiene como objetivo que los estudiantes exploren su emociones negativas y las conviertan en positivas por medio de un proceso de transformacion manifestado artisticamente. "  - Nicolle Cure



Organic Journey Art Workshop with 11th and 12th grade students from the British International School (BIS).  Students explored the different aspects of their lives and personalities giving each a visual representation through a variety of materials and art techniques. The objective was to portray an emotion or a character trait that strongly defines them as individuals. Special thanks to Ms. Melitza and Ms. Mau for opening the doors of their classrooms. 

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