Make "VESTIBULAR" Visible

September is a very special month for me, not only is my B-Day month but it is the time when we can unite forces to celebrate and support Balance Awareness Week (BAW) which takes place from Sept 15 through the 21st.

For a consecutive year, I’ve had the honor to partner with VeDA, supporting the organization's efforts through what I enjoy the most, making art. Thank you VeDA for selecting "Make Melodies", an abstract painting from my collection The Colors of Sound, as the central piece of 2019 BAW's campaign.

As a vestibular patient who experienced imbalance for over a year, I can attest to how debilitating vestibular conditions can be. Though I have recovered significantly, I will never forget the months I spent waking up to vertigo attacks, unbearable migraines, dizziness, mental fog, and severe nausea.

Although I am grateful for my recovery, I'm still fighting symptoms, but not as severe as last year's. I am thoughtful of friends I have met along this path who are not so fortunate and are still in the process of finding relief.

VeDA is a remarkable organization making a true difference, providing educational tools and support for vestibular patients as well as those around them.

So... How can you help?

  • Sport a t-shirt, hoodie or cool gear from the BAW Store

  • Share your #LifeRebalanced story to help inform and inspire people

  • Donate to VeDA or become an ambassador/volunteer

Remember #AllCanFall, this could happen to you without a warning sign. All of us are an important part of this community and we can all help support each other and this wonderful cause. Your help is greatly appreciated by us, vestibular patients around the world who need support and the tools for management vestibular diseases.

Read more about My Vestibular Story and the #AllCanFall Campaign by VeDA.

Remember, you only have a few days to get the cool BAW merchandise available with my art!


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Nicolle Cure