Redefining Meniere's Disease

New Campaign from the Hearing Health Foundation.

New Campaign from the Hearing Health Foundation.

I'm very excited to announce that today, the Hearing Health Foundation launched their new Meniere's disease website.

I am grateful to Nadine Dehgan, CEO of the HHF, for inviting me to participate in this initiative, which allowed me to contribute with my art and also gave me the opportunity to share my story. Nadine is not only a great patron of the arts, but she is also the fearless leader of an incredible team that works tirelessly to help raise funds with the purpose of advancing hearing and balance research in the U.S.

As a patient of Meniere's I understand very well the feelings of isolation from the world for days or weeks at a time when symptoms flare up. It becomes hard to leave home, due to recurrent vertigo, nausea, dizziness, and chronic fatigue. (Learn the facts)

I also know very well how it feels when family, friends and even doctors don't believe your symptoms are real, only because you catch a little break and feel well for a few days in a row. Improvement does not necessarily mean someone is fully recovered.

Chronic illness progress is NOT LINEAR and the cliché #BUTYOUDONTLOOKSICK movement is very real.

Every word of encouragement to a person living with a chronic illness helps; and naturally, having these conversations help spread the word and raise awareness. Unfortunately, this not nearly enough. We have a long way to go in researching and finding solutions for conditions such as Meniere’s Disease.

Please take a moment to learn more, get inspired, and support:

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