DALE! Art Workshop


Yesterday was an amazing day. I got to share my hearing loss story and my art with a group of sweet, strong and talented young girls who are visiting from New Jersey.

It was a pleasure meeting them and the organizers of this wonderful foundation. It was emotional, powerful, and a lot of fun. However, it was also challenging; I still get emotional and I still feel a knot in my throat every single time I tell my story.

Also, it is very hard for me to speak at gatherings or groups of people because sounds get muffled from using an earplug in my affected ear to alleviate my hyperacusis. This makes my “good ear” work extra hard to process all the sounds and information. It is as if I'm hearing an additional layer similar to the sound of a swarm of bees. I get very tired.

In the end, it was worth every second. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Creating my art alone in my studio is therapeutic, but sharing my recovery process and what has come out my hearing loss experience has been even more therapeutic. I had a great connection with these young girls and I only hope that I was able to provide them with the right information and the inspiration to go and create a positive, colorful future. I am 100% sure they will. So DALE! (Go for it!)

Special thanks to my dear friend Danielle Dubuc from Be Strong International for joining me and giving a great talk about empowerment and resilience. Thank you, Project Dale for the invite! 


For more information click here: https://www.nicollecure.com/workshops-talks/