Art Exhibit AT JW Marriot Marquis

The Colors of Sound was exhibited at the JW Marriot Marquis Miami during and post Art Basel Season (2017 - 2018).

The Colors of Sound is a painting series where I explore sound and silence. It is my personal journey through hearing loss and my experience living with balance issues and ear disorders due to Meniere’s Disease.

Filling in the Blanks 

One day, using his recording equipment, my boyfriend Felipe, who is a music producer and sound engineer, showed me the range of frequencies that I was no longer able to hear anymore. It was a bizarre experience to be able to see on a screen the sound waves and frequencies that I could not hear. When I looked at the frequencies, I saw patterns. My natural reaction as an artist was to “fill in the blanks” of what was now missing. Seeing the sound allowed me to capture emotions and moods. 

I decided I had to make an effort to go back to my studio in order to create and communicate. This is how the painting collection, “The Colors of Sound,” was born. I used acrylic inks and paint to mimic the energy and movement of the sound waves. I chose vibrant colors to create an uplifting, positive message, or darker colors for a more somber tone. With the paintings I wanted to explore the relationship between sound and life, to consider how we make sense of our surroundings through what we can hear.